Goffy Media presents Ricky Tomlinson At The Dorman’s!!

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It may be an event you are read up on or you could even be especially surprised to read that the Royle Family star  Ricky Tomlinson aims to help revive Teesside’s clubland glory days by packing out a show at the  Dormans Club in Linthorpe with the aim of bringing back the days of packed midweek clubs when the actual  “Show of the Month” nights brought in huge crowds.

The show evening will be on the 2nd September and  will see the star in conversation with BBC Tees presenter Paul ‘Goffy’ Gough.

Scouser Ricky – whose “my a**e” catchphrase has become a national favourite after his Jim Royle character regularly uttered it – will relive some of the funniest moments in his long career, and hold a Q&A session with the audience.

Goffy recently organised and hosted a similar event in the Eston Labour Club which starred  Roy “Chubby” Brown, the night saw the club packed by 6pm and raised thousands for the Zoe’s Place baby hospice in Normanby. Its popularity has inspired Tees favourite Goffy to team up with the long standing  Dorman’s to try for another midweek success.

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Goffy, who runs Hartlepool-based Goffy Media, said: “Myself and Chubby agreed it’s a total tragedy to see so many clubs closing down across Teesside. A journey across the region will show so many places boarded up, for sale or in rapid decline and what I witnessed with Roy that night in Eston further convinced me that if you give the public what they want, they will get out, no matter what the night is”

“I have spent several nights in the Dorman’s Club in recent weeks and I know with its big stage and unique atmosphere, the club is ideal for such shows to work in there. I feel I have the knowledge to make this work. It means my business putting money into the venture, but it will be great to see it work because I know it will be well received.”

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The aim of Goffy is to revive those club nights which have seriously declined, to help us remember those great nights which kept us away fro our televisions and had people queueing around the block to see some fab entertainment, a cheap drink and also meet up with great friendly people.

Mark Horkan, entertainments secretary of the Dormans Club, said: “Ricky Tomlinson ticks all the boxes for us, he is a real legend. Already the phone has been ringing with people wanting to be with us in the Dormans. It has created a real buzz.It will be a real thrill to see the concert room open on a Wednesday night and the people heading back to a social club for some midweek fun.”

Tickets are £10 from the club, or call 01642 823813, please note these may well be close to sell-out and if you want to be part of this night or additionally have a venue and would like to bring back those mid-week nights then why not get in touch with Goffy or additionally drop us a line at admin@middlesbroughevents.co.uk and we will let him know!