Gallery TS1-Oil and Water Exhibition

Oil and water at Gallery TS1

Gallery TS1 on Linthorpe Road exhibits and sells the best art and crafts produced by local artists. There is always a good stock of original artwork and prints, as well as jewellery, cards, ceramics, glassware, turned wood, soft fabric pictures and assorted items.

local artists

From Saturday 1st August 2015 to Saturday 22nd August there will be an exhibition which presents the contrasting styles titled “Oil and Water” Intriguing and exceptionally talented artists David Jowsey and John Reed will be showing exhibits of their work and entry to this is free,  there is a preview evening on Thursday 6th August 2015


Oil and Water exhibition at Gallery TS1


Lets support out local artists, drop down for a viewing today! Parking is available off street, this is easily accessible using public transport and the Gallery TS1 has a great ambience. The gallery holds regular events and by following their Facebook page you can receive news, events and also see some of the great work being shown.

If you have any event coming up then drop us an email at